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It's built on three pillars: Connection. Healing. Growth. And if you've made it your business to bring a little more of these things into this world, I want to make it my business to support you in making that happen.

About Portfolio


We work with people who work with purpose.

I'm Rebecca, a lifelong psychology nerd helping Mental Health & Wellbeing brands find their voice.

The people I work with have made it their mission to make a difference. From entrepreneurs to artists, they're out there uncovering their own ways to build awareness of mental health, make support accessible to everyone, and create space for people to grow. If you're like them, you'll know a drive this strong comes from lived experience - a personal tale of connection, healing and growth. (Mine certainly does.)

There's always a story at the heart of what we do. And I can help you make it your greatest strength.

Brand Mentoring

We'll dig deep to connect your personal purpose with a vision for your business/project, then create a story that resonates with the right people from a place of empathy. You'll be clear on how your brand looks and sounds, what you stand for, and where you're going.

Tone of Voice

Once we've got the story down, we'll shape the message into words that make an impact. That means thinking about who's hearing them - your customers, patients, investors. Everyone has their own language. We'll cover core brand copy like websites, whitepapers and pitches.

Advice & Advocacy

If it goes beyond Brand & Copy, say hello anyway; I've got freelance partners in tech, UX, design and marketing. I'm also open to mentoring, interviews and speaking engagements, and run The Well, a network to connect the Mental Health & Wellbeing community.


—Voices of Change—

Why does it matter?

When you build a brand that embodies all those things you care about, you'll finally start to attract the people you really want to be working with. The thing is, to do that you need to be bold enough to alienate the rest.

Sounds terrifying, I know.

But the more solid your understanding of why you're doing what you do, the easier it'll be to let go of the wrong opportunities to make space for the right ones. That's why our workshops and conversations will get deep while we're finding your voice. It's not just about the words you say, or how you're saying them. What we care about here is why.


Missions in Mental Health & Wellbeing

I've been bringing people together since I was ten years old. Sure the costumes we wear look a little different now, but the feeling is the same - a group of people who come together can create something we'd never build alone.

Introsbective Collective

A circle of freelancers & entrepreneurial minds, who join forces for projects, brainstorms and networking events.


The Well

A network of creative leaders out to change the way we understand ourselves, our minds and our behaviour.

The Well

The Well Makers Podcast

A series of 1:1 chats with changemakers in Mental Health & Wellbeing, from musicians to therapists and CEOs.

The Well Makers

Zinc VC

An incubator programme for entrepeneurial talent solving the developed world's toughest social issues.

Zinc VC

we'll change minds

If you're on a mission to change the way we understand the human condition, I'd love to have a chat about how my network and I can support you.

Rebecca Collins

Writer. Thinker. Storyteller. Coach.

Mental Health Awareness is important to me, and I want to spend my life helping people to build better relationships with themselves.

I've been building my own toolkit for self-discovery for as long as I can remember, and now I apply that same inquisitive thinking when I'm building brands. That's why I love working with purpose-driven people - we get to explore both of those things at once.

If you get geeky over psych, philosophy and human behaviour, love a good yoga class, or dabble in mindfulness, I know we'll get along!

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