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The Gist.

At some point in time, we fooled ourselves into believing that we’re logical beings, when beneath the surface our every thought is ruled by feelings. That’s not to say we’ve lost control but that to find it we need to own our feelings, not push them down. That, my friends, is Emotional Intelligence. And unlike IQ, it’s something you can learn.

The beautiful benefit of EQ is that the better you know yourself, the deeper you can go in your connection with others. Whether they be your friends or your family, your partners or your team.

And it’s not just the warm, fuzzy feelings that make that worthwhile. Strong relationships give us the support and courage to live life on our own terms.


I’m Rebecca

I’m fascinated by humans and the way we build relationships.

For over a decade, I’ve been supporting entrepreneurs and change-makers in their explorations of relationships, psychology and the delicate art of being human. I’m a Relationship Coach. I’m also the lead Emotional Intelligence Mentor at Google for Startups, a cofounder of the Team Rebuilding Toolkit, and the former MD of London’s first coworking space for personal transformation, social impact and wellbeing.


from Soft Skills to Strategy

for Individuals

I work with high-achievers who want deeper fulfilment in their personal relationships, more success in their professional relationships, and more peace in relationship with themselves.

for Couples

I support couples in deepening their connection, learning to communicate and understand each other’s uniqueness, and experimenting with 21st century dynamics like open relationships.

for Business

My partner and I create tools for team development. We also work with leaders and their teams to design relationship dynamics that nurture wellbeing and performance.

Take a Deep Breath

"She has a way of assessing needs and identifying solutions that's both strategic and emotionally intelligent. I feel so fortunate to have worked with Rebecca and continue to apply the skills I learnt with her in other areas of my life."

Rebecca Ballantyne, UNICEF

Since you asked…


What training have you done?

I’m not a therapist, however I am wholeheartedly committed to my personal and professional development. I’ve trained in Organisational and Relationship Systems Coaching, Nonviolent Communication, Authentic Relating, and multiple coaching and healing modalities including reiki and neurolinguistic programming. After taking Psychology at undergraduate level, I’ve continued to study with The Weekend University and Sessions and am working my way through an extensive bookshelf.

I also work with my own coaches and therapist.

My work is deeply influenced by the contributions of Esther Perel, the GottmansBrené BrownDaniel Goleman and Marshall Rosenberg.

What's your background?

My career story has three threads – Brand, Community and Psychology.

I started out in marketing because it seemed like a good blend of psych and business, but as time went on I wanted to get deeper into the ‘why’. Every time I asked business owners and their teams that question, I got closer to uncovering the core identity of a business, and so I focused my consultancy on brand identity and alignment.

In 2014, I became enthralled with the idea of ‘belonging’ and fell into the world of coworking and coliving. I’ve since run 3 different spaces in London, including 42 Acres – the city’s first conscious coworking space. I also founded the London Coworking Assembly to bring together fellow community builders, because it wouldn’t feel right to do it alone.

Alongside this sits a more personal journey. My interest in belonging wasn’t just academic – that year, I had an emotional breakdown that had me question everything I thought I knew about myself. After a very public ‘confession’ about the depression I was experiencing at the time, I worked through various forms of therapy, meditation, mindfulness, journaling, coaching, self-development, and reading, reading, reading.

The way I understand that crisis today is that it was the moment that my real self stood up and refused to keep pretending to be someone else. In the years since, I’ve found deep meaning in helping other people to connect with their inner selves and live authentically.

What exactly is emotional intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence combines aspects of Intrapersonal Intelligence (relating to self-knowledge) and Interpersonal Intelligence (looking at the relationships between people). I view these as two sides of a coin; they’re inherently linked because the quality of a person’s relationship with themselves shapes their relationships with others. Read more

Isn't this all a bit woowoo?

Actually, the only person who’s ever asked me this is me… But I sense I’m not the only one who’s wondered!

I believe there is so much wisdom to be found in our emotional and spiritual selves, and that the world will be a better place when we do. But I also love working with science and the mind, and value the clarity of intellect, strategy and logical reasoning. And a good spreadsheet.

I have no interest in pitting the heart and the mind against one other. Real power and real harmony exist in the coming together of the two.

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