Couples Coaching Registration

Welcome to our Couples Coaching container! I’m so looking forward to beginning our work together.

First, we have a little onboarding to do. There are four stages:

  1. Reviewing and signing our Coaching Agreement
  2. Setting up your monthly payments
  3. Booking your first session
  4. Completing your onboarding questionnaire

I: Our Agreement

Before you sign up, please read, download and sign our Coaching Agreement and email it back to me. I’ll then add my signature and add it to our shared folder on Google Drive. You won’t be committed to payments until you’ve subscribed to a package in section II below, and your official start date is defined by the date of your first session.

II: Your Commitment

You’re committing to a rolling monthly contract that you are free to leave at any time, giving at least 3 weeks notice before your next renewal date. I work in this way because it’s hard to predict in advance how long it’ll serve you to be in this container and I don’t want you locked into a fixed period that isn’t aligned with your needs, yet I’ve seen that it’s still beneficial to feel the consistency and momentum that comes from being held in ongoing commitment.

I offer support at three levels of intensity, and you’ll have full flexibility to upgrade or downgrade from month to month. I also offer discounts for longer term commitments of 3 or 6 months, and a reduced Low-Income price on my core programme (more on that below the table).

Low-Income Pricing

I offer a low-income discount of 25% to up to 3 clients at a time in my core Couples Relationship Expansion Journey. You don’t have to justify your need for financial support but please bear in mind that low-income places are limited, and make your decision with integrity. I designed this model with the intention of making relationship coaching more accessible to people who are in survival mode (which typically makes relationship challenges even more intense).

Subscription Management

Once you’re set up, you’ll be able to manage everything to do with payments, changes and cancellations via this dashboard.

III: Your First Session

For scheduling (and rescheduling) sessions, we’ll use Calendly. You can book your sessions at any time here or on this page. I recommend booking each month in advance if you have clarity on your schedule. If necessary, you can always reschedule as long as you give 24 hours notice.

IV: Your Onboarding Questionnaire

And now to begin your journey! Please make a copy of this template, take your time reflecting on the questions, and email your responses back to me before our first session.